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Don’t get screwed while buying automobile parts – Tips for a smart shopper

It often happens that owners of vehicles call their dealerships and they are all taken by surprise to know the hefty costs of replacing automobile parts. A small piece of car part which costs around $5 to make could possibly carry a 5000% premium when you get it from a retail counter. You will even be more surprised to know that there are few vehicle parts which are priced so heavily that shoppers are often deceived when they don’t shop around.

Buying the best car parts has to be done like a pro and unless you master the art, you will be duped by the sellers. So, how can you easily place your hands on the most reasonable automobile parts? Apart from shopping from, you can also follow a few vital points given below.

#1: Do your homework and make a comprehensive research

Although there are few very famous websites which shoppers check before purchasing car parts, you should never ignore the other not-so-popular ones as well. There are many online databases for the best used car parts in the world. For making a successful online search, you have to find out the providers as according to the distance you stay in and then check the market price of that specific area. Also pay attention on the time of delivery of the item.

#2: Verify your purchase

Make sure you call the dealership and confirm the car part number before completing any purchase. In case you forget to confirm the part number, anything that you face anytime in the near future will be your own responsibility. You will learn that there are few specific car parts which are unique to specific engines and there is a long list of affected parts like modules, computers, sensors and even some other basic items.

#3: Bargain, but try and be polite

It is very common for most of the junkyards to match lower price for a specific body part with another similar retailer located in the same geographical area. If you want to become a smart shopper, you should compare apple with apples. Hence you shouldn’t try to match the price of a junkyard with that of a 20,000 mile engine. One more thing to remember is that if you haggle or bargain, you should be polite throughout. Don’t jerk the man on the opposite side.

#4: Watch out for coupons

Retailers who sell auto parts are all expensive but it is not that they have to be costly always. There are websites which help you in finding out coupon codes or rebates from manufacturers which you may notice suddenly from online stores. You will sometimes find alternators and starters which are within $20 of an eBay or junkyard find and if you can get that extra $20, you will attain peace of mind.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the places where you can get the best automobile parts, you can take into account the above mentioned points.