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Improv Defensive Driving Class in New York

Have you ever heard of the Improv Defensive Driving NY? Created by the “Improv Comedy Club”, this Defensive Driving NY classoffers a cost-effective and convenient way to finish defensive driving class online. It is based on a simple idea that a NYS Approved Defensive Driving NY course offers a very effective way to complete defensive driving class online.

Follow these steps

The following are the steps that are needed to attend a Defensive Driving Course, NY and to get your auto insurance discount and point reduction:

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  • Every 3 years, all members of a family who are a driving a vehicle on the insurance policy should take the NY defensive driving class – each driver receives a 10% discount on the auto insurance policy.
  • Exama list of NYS PIRP Providers DMV-Approved.
  • Choose the online defensive driving class best for you.
  • Record for the NY State driving course online as soon as possible.
  • Take as well as complete the NY online defensive driving class. Complete this class at your convenience in the same day or over a 30-day period.
  • Log back into the course 30 minutes following the completion of class to download and print 2 copies of your temporary (Insurance Copy) completion certification. Keep 1 of this copy for your personal records and send the 2nd copy to insurance company so they can process your discount rate for your insurance rate discount. Please do not forget – Your original completion certificate will be mailed to you the next day after finishing the course.
  • Begin saving money on auto insurance by repeating this class every 3 years to renew and retain the discount rate on your insurance.
  • The NY defensive driving school will electronically send your completion to the NYS DMV inside 30 days of finishing the course so that the DMV can record your 4 points reduction against a suspension of your driver’s license. Take this course online every 18 months for point reduction/suspended license prevention process.